ECSB Webinars

ECSB’s webinar series continues in 2017. In this edition we will have terrific speakers on topics of broad interests:

2nd March 2017 at 3 pm CET – Renata Osowska (Edinburgh Napier University): “Exploring entrepreneurship in a transforming society. The case of Poland.”

28th September 2017 at 3 pm CEST – René Mauer (ESCP Europe): “Effectuation – a concept developing between research and practice”

26th October 2017 at 2 pm CET – Lex van Teeffelen (HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht): “(Family) Business Transfer Research: Some Missing Links” 

27th November 2017 3pm CET – Xavier Ferràs Hernández (Universitat de Vic, Universitat Central de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain) “Exponential Technologies and Disruptive Innovation”

All webinars take place at 3 pm Central European Time/Central European Summer Time. Participation is free for members. More information will be provided closer to the webinar.

Recordings of the previous webinars

Webinar Recordings

Newer webinar recordings available for ECSB members signed up for the webinars only.

Ted Fuller (Faculty Director of Research, University of Lincoln): Supervising Masters and PhD Theses
Watch the recording of this webinar

Jack Foley (CEO, FabEducation): Finance for Non-Business Students: A Simple Online Solution
Watch the recording of this webinar

Prof. Helle Neergaard: Doctoral Students – How to Successfully Complete Your Thesis
Watch the recording of this webinar

Prof. Robert Blackburn: How to Get Published in an Academic Journal
Watch the recording of this webinar