President’s Greetings

Dear member,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the ECSB website and to the work of ECSB. Through your interaction with us, I am confident that you will quickly recognise the history and heritage of the organisation and the great legacy that has been passed on to us by some of the greatest minds in the field of entrepreneurship research and education.

The ECSB remains a constant in times of flux; and we try hard to retain that ’family feeling’, which our members have become used to. In many universities entrepreneurship researchers constitute a very small percentage of the faculty and may therefore lack peers with whom to share and discuss ideas. With its European-wide member base, the ECSB provides a community that benefits junior and senior faculty alike with that type of sounding board.

The Board of ECSB works arduously to increase the benefits that Members of ECSB receive. While the RENT Conference continues to be our flagship event attended yearly by around half of our members, the 3EC has become our new signature event, which is dedicated to research on entrepreneurship education. We also host smaller, more localised events across Europe that make cutting edge-research and discussion more closely available to our members. Additionally, we continually update the content of our website so that it is both timely and appropriate to the career needs of our members and we keep you updated on news and events through our quarterly newsletters. More recently we have been using new media channels highly effectively through our popular Webinar Series and our groups on Linked In, Facebook and Twitter.

Since ECSB is a voluntary organisation, we are very much dependent upon the efforts of our Board, our Country Vice-Presidents and our members to keep the wheels turning. You will note from other areas of the website that each Board Member has a specific area of responsibility, while each country has a Vice-President, whose task it is to lead the work of ECSB and assist members locally, among other things in creating ECSB co-branded events. We would also welcome your initiatives, either by suggesting ideas or proposals that would improve the operations of ECSB or by getting actively involved and organising an event, which has ECSB co-branding. Please feel free to contact me directly if you believe that I or ECSB can assist you in any such initiatives.

Although it seems that Europe is now on its way towards better economic times, many parts of the world are still lagging behind. We must therefore, as entrepreneurship educators and researchers, stand up and be counted amongst those who are willing to contribute to making a better world. In many different ways, entrepreneurship educators and researchers are well-placed to support the renewal of economies across the globe and through our experience and expertise we can help rebuild and reshape tomorrow’s exciting new world. I would ask you to proactively join us in our work to the mutual benefit of all.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Blackburn
President of ECSB