The role of the Country Vice-President is critical to the development of the organisation since they enable local initiatives to be undertaken, thereby encouraging greater participation in the activities of ECSB. The Country VPs are also able to identify local personnel and organisations that would benefit from ECSB’s activities, while additionally informing the Board of the current needs of its membership. Country Vice-Presidents must be paid-up members of ECSB.

ECSB is in the process of replacing a number of its Country Vice-Presidents. In some countries retiring Country Vice-Presidents have already suggested candidates who have agreed, in others we are looking for appropriate candidates. In particular, we are looking for a new representative from Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. If you are interested and you are from one of these countries, please contact Eddy Laveren (

Roles and Responsibilities of Country Vice-Presidents (PDF)

Country Vice Presidents

                     AUSTRIA: Matthias Fink  –


 Frank Janssen   BELGIUM: Frank Janssen  –

Kenan Crnkic  BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Kenan Crnkic  –

Mirela Alpeza   CROATIA: Mirela Alpeza  –

mustafa tumer   CYPRUS: Mustafa Tumer  –  mustafa.tumer@edu.efu-tr

sebestova   CZECH REPUBLIC: Jarmila Šebestová  –

KimKlyver  DENMARK: Kim Klyver  –

 virtanenmarkku  FINLAND: Markku Virtanen  –

 Ben-Hafaïedh 2  FRANCE: Cyrine Ben Hafaiedh  –

 Kuckertz   GERMANY: Andreas Kuckertz  –

 karijoensen  ICELAND: Kari Joensen  –

                      IRELAND: Therese Moylan  –

                      ITALY: Paola Demartini  –

Arnis Sauka  LATVIA: Arnis Sauka  –

carinalomberg  LIECHTENSTEIN: Carina Lomberg  –

                     LITHUANIA: Modestas Gelbūda  –

                     MACEDONIA: Radmil Polenakov  –


THE NETHERLANDS: Matthijs Hammer   –

                       NORWAY: Einar Rasmussen  –

Wojciech Dyduch    POLAND: Wojciech Dyduch  –

Ovidiu   ROMANIA: Ovidiu Nicolescu  –


     SERBIA: Radmila Grozdanic  –

Karin Sirec

Karin Sirec  –


Carina Lomberg  –

                      TURKEY: Hande Karadag   –

                      UNITED KINGDOM: Richard Tunstall   –