The role of the Country Vice-President is critical to the development of the organisation since they enable local initiatives to be undertaken, thereby encouraging greater participation in the activities of ECSB. The Country VPs are also able to identify local personnel and organisations that would benefit from ECSB’s activities, while additionally informing the Board of the current needs of its membership. Country Vice-Presidents must be paid-up members of ECSB.

Roles and responsibilities of country VPs

ECSB is currently reorganizing the concept of Country VPs. List will be compleated during spring 2018.

List of ECSB Country VPs for the term 2017- 2019
BELGIUM Frank Janssen
CZECH REPUBLIC Jarmila ҆ebestov√°
FRANCE Adnane Maaloui
GERMANY Kerstin Ettl
IRELAND Therese Moylan
LATVIA Arnis Sauka
NORWAY Alsos Gry Agnete
ROMANIA Ovidiu Nicolescu
SERBIA Radmila Grozdanic
TURKEY Hande Karadag
PORTUGAL Soumodip Sarkar
ITALY Francesca Cesaroni